The Quilters of the Nature Coast

This home of ours, our incredibly beautiful Nature Coast, was once known as the “lonesome leg of Florida” to boaters and other travellers. This area of the Sunshine State extends from above Clearwater in Pinellas County to Ochlockonee Bay in Wakulla County and includes so many natural wonders that the name “Nature Coast” was an obvious choice. While most of the rest of Florida has succumbed to theme parks, tourists and over-development, our home has retained that quiet “old Florida” atmosphere that helped us make the decision to settle here.

The wonders of the “Nature Coast” are many, and these many wonders have, over the years and centuries, become interwoven into a patchwork that one can find here and only here. Of course we quilters know full well what the term “patchwork” means and we are experts at taking diverse bits of cloth and combining them into beautiful works of art, creations that are beyond beauty – each one singular and unique in its expression of the thoughts and the talents of its creator.

And we, the quilters of Hernando, Citrus and Pasco counties, understand what an unusual gift we have been given with this Nature Coast. Is it any wonder then that we quilters have chosen this Nature Coast to be our home and “The Quilters of the Nature Coast” to be the name of our quilting guild?

Please take this opportunity to look around our website to see some of the exciting things we’re doing and through our pictures the incredible talent that our members have.